Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise
"Tropical Paradise", watercolor, by Roye Jan Myers

Monday, May 28, 2012

Vegan White Chocolate

We've been working on our vegan white chocolate recipe for months now -- there have been a lot of 'almost there' versions, and quite a few 'wow, not even close to there' versions (we call those lessons learned...).Yesterday, though, we molded up our latest version, and I have to say, I think we're there -- or at least very close to 'there'.

What we would love more than anything right now, though, is to get some feedback from someone that isn't us. Judging our own (chocolate) creation is a little like telling other people how cute our kids are -- there's a built in bias that kind of taints the proclamation. If you're a white chocolate fan that's been looking for a high quality vegan option, we have a dozen or so small bars that we'd be happy to share in exchange for some candid (and hopefully constructive!) feedback. Just send your address to us at and we'll get a bar off in the mail to you.

David and Leslie

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