Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise
"Tropical Paradise", watercolor, by Roye Jan Myers

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Tropical Pardise", watercolor, by Roye Jan Myers

The artwork at the top of our blog is from a watercolor by Texas artist Roye Jan Myers – it was love at first sight when we discovered this beautiful painting (so much so that we bought it!). We are proud to be able to share and promote Ms. Myers work through our adventures in fine chocolate – we’ve chosen it as the packaging artwork for our first line of bars and barks.
Coming from her background as an art educator for 17 years Roye Jan Myers has learned to “fear no art”. Most of her paintings, whether abstract or representational, convey a mood. She studies the way things are, then subtracts, adds or modifies to portray what she wants to say about the subject.
“Nature is the ultimate source for many of my compositions. I enjoy painting on location and feeling the atmosphere first hand. With Tropical Paradise I was inspired by the diversity of shapes and exotic colors inherent in a bird of paradise plant. I purposely made the background complex with overlapping shapes and colors to add to the mystery it seems to portray. The bird of paradise seems to demand the spotlight with its majestic, spear-like presence!”
More on Roye Jan Myers and her artwork, and on the gallery she co-owns, The Artists’ Showplace, can be found on her website at 

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